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The Church of the Trinity

Right in front of the Castello Aragonese, there lies the church SS. Trinità which was built around 1750 and was part of the convent of Saint Francis of Assisi.  It is known as, La Chiesa Nuova, and is recognized by the façade of red colored bricks. It is now located on the actual corso Garibaldi.
The church was built from a legacy left in 1702 by the baron Felici Pellegrini, whose brother Marziale was the head of the order of Franiscan monks. 
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The Church of Santa Maria

The origins of the Santuario di Santa Maria del Castello have been lost between fact  and  fiction in time. Traditionally the story goes  as thus… In  1090 the Count of Ruggero,  who was brother to Roberto Guiscardo, wished t to curb an attempted rebellion, led by Guglielmo Arenga, so he decided to erect a castle on the peak of hill of the historical city. The walls which were built mysteriously disappeared at night so Ruggero decided to excavate the earth deeper around the castle. 
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