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The bright valley of river Coscile

The ravine runs along the west  side of the mountain,  overlooking  the bright valley of Fiume Coscile and the ancient Syaris, which is at the base of the mountain,  and through  a short but narrow gorge blocked by a dyke, diverting the water down a long pipeline.   

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05 November 2015 10:42:29

Route 920 - Madonna del Riposo

Following the slightly inclining trail, you pass through a small plain, head to the left, in the direction of the solitary pine, after which the trail becomes steeper and is carved out of rock, and climbs the steep slope until you reach the chapel of the Madonna del Riposo
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05 November 2015 10:41:54

The climbing roads of Colle Cornice

The climbing roads of Colle Cornice came about in 2013, thanks to a happy agreement between the Administration  of the Municipal Council and the Club CAI of Catrovillari, both wishing to promote the mountainside. The authentic  open air gymnasium  “palestra a cielo aperto” of this  fascinating sport:  there are 13 climbs,  masterfully spiked, offering climbers the possibility to practise the sport in easy reach of  home, in complete safety. From this very information point you follow a trail which goes through the valley and rises quickly, getting  to the site in around 10 minutes.

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05 November 2015 10:41:25

The old Village of Morano Calabro

Lowering your gaze you take in green valleys, with picturesque villages sitting on hills, which form of a crown around Castrovillari: Morano Calabro, Saracena, San Basile, Frascineto and Eianina.

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05 November 2015 10:27:24

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