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The itineraries organized by the project Attraversando Natura  accompany visitors discovering sites of art, history and nature that this rich territory offers those who have the privilege of living here or simply passing through.   All itineraries, both natural and urban offer points of interest which can be found on boards or TAG QR Code with the appropriate App. Both urban itineraries are covered by WIFI.

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Urban Itinerary
In the urban centre of Castrovillari there are 19 points of interest sectioned between Via Roma and Corso Garibaldi.
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Historical Centre Itinerary
In the historical centre there have been marked 11 points of interested sectioned between Piazza Castello, Via Giudeca and Via Santa Maria del Castello.
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Itinerario naturalistico – Sentiero 920 Madonna del Riposo 665 m – Monte Sant’Angelo 794 m
Difficoltà: E (Escursionistico) - Tempo: ore 2 andata + ore 1.30 ritorno – Dislivello in salita: 393 m - Lunghezza: 3000 m
Lungo il sentiero sono stati individuati 14 punti di interesse di contenuto sia storico culturale che naturalistico.
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Naturalistic Itinerary – Trail 921 Timpone Campanaro
Difficulty E – Hiking time 3.30 going and 2.30 back – drop going up 783m. Distance: 4900m – Riforn. Idrico: No.
Along the trail there have been 15 naturalistic points of interested individuated.
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